Repair and Maintenace

With Eqma BV there is no need to transport your heavy machinery for earthmoving repairs and services. We provide a range of hydraulic repair services that are designed to keep your earthmoving equipment in tiptop condition. Whether you require onsite repairs or annual maintenance, Eqma BV is your one-stop shop. Our team of fully qualified mechanics is specialized in Liebherr earthmoving machines and has experience with all equipment types. Please contact us for more information on repairing your specific machine.

Maintenance Staff

The biggest asset from Eqma BV is its team of mechanics, with a vast array of experience and diverse backgrounds. It ensures we can solve all concerns with minimum delay. Our policies and ongoing training ensures all employees and their working environments are safe, and also pleasant to ensure maximum productivity. Eqma BV has mobile work shop facilities which are fully self-operational, including power. We are ready to repair your machines all over the world.

To simplify your maintenance and repairs, please call for a free quote. We can offer to repair your machine from any location in the world to optimize maximum availability.

Stripping and Preparing for Shipment

Eqma BV has experience in packaging of containers. When packing the containers, we drain all oil from components, wrap in film and close off all ends with blank offs. We take photos of all the containers before and after packed, for the customer records. All containers have a packing list with the components, the weights and any other specs required by the customer. The list will be placed in the container and one e-mailed. Photos of the seal number are taken and emailed to customer. Photos of the sealed container are taken to verify that container was sealed before departing from site.